Our Practice

OMI is one of the oldest, if not the oldest radiologist owned private imaging facility in Ontario.

It was established by Dr. Ezel Orfi in 1972. The first office was in a medical building on O’Connor drive in Toronto. It offered only fluoroscopy and general X-rays.

The next milestone was the opening of its second office in Oshawa in 1974. At that time it was considered a bold and time consuming move as it was outside Toronto and obliged the radiologists to travel daily to Oshawa for screening and reporting. Naturally there was no internet or Pacs system at that time.

OMI kept on expanding through the years within Toronto and in the province offering new modalities as they became available. It has always been in the forefront in adapting new technology and introducing new modalities in its imaging centers. In fact, OMI was proud to be the first to offer Mammography to the people of Timmins and Orillia long before the local hospitals could introduce the same service. They were also pioneers in establishing digital mammography in the private office setting.

OMI is proud to acknowledge the efforts and commitments of our dedicated hard working radiologists, technologists and support staff over almost 40 years. We will continue to offer excellent service utilizing technologically advanced equipment to our patients and referring physicians. In this respect our physicians are able to access their patients images and reports on their computers. This dramatically reduces the wait time for results.

We are always guided by our core values of putting patient first, acting with integrity and delivering on our commitments.

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